Breakthrough To the SUPER-You!


Breakthrough Essentials is a place for individuals, groups and organizations who are looking to achieve any or all of the following:

  • Unleash stifled energy
  • Balance home and work life
  • Breakthrough obstacles while achieving sustainable results
  • Embrace and become the “Superman” or “Superwoman” from within

Services offered:

  • One on One Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements



About Coach Lisa

laughing on chair cropped


Lisa Sadowski is the ultimate truth seeker.  Having survived terminal cancer at a young age Coach Lisa naturally cuts straight to the truths that most choose to ignore.  She comes armed with more than 20 years of success in National Sales working for Fortune 100 companies while simultaneously performing as the lead singer of the most highly sought after cover band in her region.  This unlikely career combination and intense medical history has given her the tools to deliver results for those who would like to “strengthen their inner strength” and conquer life’s biggest challenges with grace.  Lisa helps her clients step away from excuses, and into breakthroughs.


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